WHY US?    
Our service model was developed after having utilised various transcription service providers and determining the various administrative issues, inaccuracies and logistical inefficiencies. The need for a simple yet effective platform for transcription solutions was identified.
Our service model, together with the CTS platform, was developed as a direct consequence of the legal fraternity seeking professional, efficient, secure, cost effective transcription services. We moulded our service model around these core requirements, whilst paying close attention to reducing our carbon footprint.
We provide a professional and easy-to-use transcription service which will exceed all your transcription requirements.
Our platform and processes ensure security and privacy of information. All information is treated as confidential and we will not distribute or disseminate your information to any third parties.
We do not use third party applications and/or sites to download, upload and/or store your information, making it safer for you. Confidentiality is of paramount importance.
Our operational model allows us to attend to any and all of your transcription needs, no matter how big or small, in a time- and cost effective manner.
Our transcribers use state-of-the-art equipment, so as to ensure that your transcription is as accurate as possible and limiting the number of “inaudible” portions of a record.
Our service stores all transcriptions for a period of 12 (TWELVE) months and may be retrieved by you, our valued client, at no additional cost and at any time.
All transcriptions are proof-read. This ensures the highest degree of grammatical correctness and accuracy of transcription.
The presentation of our transcribed records complies with all the requirements as prescribed by Court, insofar as font, spacing and presentation is concerned. Where the presentation of the transcription is not regulated by Court Rules, such transcription will meet and exceed the requirements as laid down by you, our valued client.
All transcriptions will be accompanied by a certificate of veracity and our transcribers will provide a confirmatory affidavit, should same be required, confirming that the transcribed record is consistent with the audio/video recording.
The only question left to ask yourself is not “Why use Cloud Transcription Services?” but rather “Why use anybody else?”.