- What is transcription?

Transcribe is defined as “to represent something in or convert something into a written or printed form”. Thus transcription is the recording of spoken voice into written format. It is not a mere mechanical function, however, it involves listening, typing and ensuring correctness of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

- Can you transcribe into other languages or translate recordings?

We are currently unable to do officially recognised translations of recordings. Words that our transcribers recognise as being foreign are typed in italics so as to alert the reader to the fact that such words are foreign.

- What file types are supported?

All recognised audio file formats are supported. As we also offer the service of transcribing the audio portions of video recordings (video conferences, recordings of skype consultations etc.) video files are also supported.

- Can you only transcribe audio files?

We also offer the service of transcribing the audio portions of video recordings (video conferences, recordings of skype consultations etc.). Therefore, video files are also supported.

- What if my recording is very large?

If your recording is very large and you have tight turnaround time requirements, we will be able to split your file and utilise the services of more than one transcriber in order to meet your turnaround time. If you’re just concerned about the size of your audio file, rest easy, we have more than enough storage space.

- What if I have more than one recording?

As with the previous question, if you have more than one recording per matter and you have tight turnaround requirements, we will allocate your recordings to more than one member of our team of dedicated transcribers, so as to meet your needs. Should you just be concerned about the volume of recordings, rest easy. We have more than enough storage space.

- What if I need my recording transcribed urgently?

If you need your transcription done urgently, we are the go-to team for those pressure-cooker transcriptions. Our team of transcribers are highly skilled and will ensure that your urgent transcription is delivered, quick as a flash.

- What is the approximate turnaround time for recordings?

The turnaround times all depend on your needs and your budget. Whether you need something transcribed in double quick time or if you just need it done during the ordinary course of business, our team can help you out. Our turnaround times are as follows:

Aurora Package – 3 days per hour of recording;
Tornado Package – 2 days per hour of recording;
Lightning Package – 1 day per hour of recording.

- How accurate are the transcriptions?

All our transcriptions are proof read so as to ensure their accuracy. We use what we like to refer to as “Subtiliter-verbatim” so as to avoid the um’s and ah’s of the speaker’s recorded voice, and ensuring a streamlined reading of proceedings.

What services do you offer?

We offer many services, with more to come! Currently we offer the transcription of all recordings to suit your every need, and the need of whichever institution before which you are appearing. Should you require a recording to be made of a meeting, big or small, which you wish to then have transcribed, we will ensure that a member of our team will be there with the necessary equipment to make it happen. Send us an e-mail or request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the solution to your problem.

- What about confidentiality?

All of our transcriptions are undertaken on a confidential basis. Recordings submitted by you are stored on our private server. We do not make use of any third party servers in order to store your information, thus ensuring your confidential information remains secure. Should the transcription provided by utilised in a Court of Law, however, the portion used in the case will become public record.

- How does payment work?

Our quotations provide you with all you need to know about payments and our terms and conditions. Essentially, though, it’s 50% of the quoted amount paid as a deposit and the remaining 50% upon completion and delivery of the transcription.

- Do you transcribe every word?

Yes we do. However, as mentioned earlier, we use “Subtiliter-verbatim”. That’s Latin for “very clever”. If a speaker regularly stammers or continuously ums or ahs, we type out a maximum of two consecutive ums and ahs. This ensures that the transcription is an accurate reflection of the proceedings, without an excessive amount of redundancies on account of the speaker.