The founders and developers of Cloud Transcription Services (Pty) Ltd (“CTS”) are legal practitioners and thus the services we render were developed specifically for the legal profession, as well as other related industries;

We specialise in:

The transcription of all records required for litigation purposes;
The transcription of disciplinary enquiries;
Verbatim transcriptions of AGMs and other business meetings;
Tele- and videoconference transcriptions; and
Minutes of meetings.

Our team of highly trained transcribers comes from various spheres of the legal fraternity, which ensures accurate and reliable transcriptions of proceedings;

Our team members are located in all major centres throughout South Africa and will be able to collect records of proceedings from the Labour Court, or any other Court, office or building in South Africa.

Our goal is to have a seamless, cost-effective, low carbon footprint, paperless office environment. We aim to ensure that our clients receive the best transcription service with short turnaround times, seamless interaction and the highest-quality transcription at the most cost-effective rates.