The founders and developers of Cloud Transcription Services (Pty) Ltd (“CTS”) are legal practitioners and thus the services we render were developed specifically for the legal profession, as well as other related industries;

We specialise in:

The transcription of all records required for litigation purposes;
The transcription of disciplinary enquiries;
Verbatim transcriptions of AGMs and other business meetings;
Tele- and videoconference transcriptions; and
Minutes of meetings....

Our service model was developed after having utilised various transcription service providers and determining the various administrative issues, inaccuracies and logistical inefficiencies. The need for a simple yet effective platform for transcription solutions was identified;

Our service model, together with the CTS platform, was developed as a direct consequence of the legal fraternity seeking professional, efficient, secure, cost effective transcription services. We moulded our service model around these core requirements, whilst paying close attention to reducing our carbon footprint....

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